# Video Authoring and Hosting Platform Features
1 Controls
See a list of all attendees
Add more attendees to the class
Evict disruptive participants
Unlimited class duration for all class sizes with capability to extend class duration
2 Learner Features
Search and enroll in courses
Consume course content published by the instructor and keep track of progress
Contact the course instructor directly from the course page
View course and instructor details from the course page
Platform support learners to ask questions on learning content at any point including video content and be able to recreate the exact context for experts for answering
Download assignment reference files, and complete, upload, and submit assignments
Take tests uploaded by the instructor
3 Creation and Scheduling Features
An instructor with access rights able to create Scheduled courses
Scheduled courses to be instructor-led and have a start date and an end date
An instructor with access rights able to create Self-paced courses
Self-paced courses to be typically be conducted without instructor intervention
4 Course Designing Features
Start Date and End date, Course Overview, Course Syllabus, About the Instructor, Course category and sub-category, Expected course length, Course structure (date-wise or section-wise)
Ability to clone courseware and modules within courses
Ability to control the courseware creation life cycle including controls for review, administration and publishing
Documents (Word documents, presentations, PDF files)
Videos and embedded videos (such as those from YouTube)
Tests (quizzes), Assignments and Reading Lists
Ability to provide additional information on textual and video contents at the context where it is required
Provision for Adding Notes
Provision for teachers prepare & add Lesson Planning Feature
5 Provision for Assignments, Tests and Assessments
Instructors able to create assignments and make them part of the course schedule
Instructors able to define an assignment grading pattern at the course level, or have only marks, as desired
Instructors able to create tests that can then be used as part of a course
Ability to support rating of questions raised by learners by educators and award points to learners
Instructors able to add questions to a test, with multiple choices, and specify the answer key
Instructor able to specify the time for which a test is valid
Types of questions include: multiple choice, multiple answer, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, drag-and-drop,subjective and other types
Provision for Adding Bookmarks, Transcript Feature
Provision for MCQ Type Quiz Subjectwise
Provision for MCQ Type Inline Quiz Contentwise
6 Provision for Adaptive Testing and Gamification
Support adaptive testing, wherein subsequent questions depend on the learner's performance in previous sections/tests
Create question banks tagged appropriately with attributes such as subject, level, sub-topic etc. so that randomized quizzes can be set with ease
Ability to summarize test outcome for non graded tests
Provision to create consolidated test score if required by associating weightage to the individual tests
Provision to support definition of gamification aspects like points, badges and leaderboard and automatically process them during learning
Students able to earn this credits by consuming courses, submitting assignments, or creating supportive education content or perhaps even participating in discussions
Students able to redeem the credits by buying advanced courses or extra content
7 Insights and Analytics
The system include an Insights and Analytics module to provide instructors the information they need to refine their courses and content – for better student engagement and outcomes
Instructors able to access reports on learner attendance, login-logout times and session duration to track and analyze learner performance
Able to aggregate data, compare and correlate to derive information and conclusions
The intent is to enable data-driven decisions like detailed trending adoption analysis, Efficiency tracking, product roadmap discussions to improve teacher and content performances and learning outcomes
8 Integrated Library
The live class to be integrated with the content library of the instructor
The instructor be able to access and share content from their library at any time during the session, make annotations on the content, and invite learners to make annotations as well
The whole content including annotations be able to be downloaded by all participants of the class
9 Report
Academic Progress Monitoring Tabular Report
Academic Progress Monitoring Graphical Report
Test/Quiz Tabular Report
Userwise Content upload Tabular Report
Userwise Content upload Graphical Report
Report Export to PDF Feature
Report Export to multiple emails feature
User Log Report
Various type of Usage Report Like Subject wise, Class wise, Geography wise & Teacher wise
Customize Report
10 Generic Features
Provision for Teacher Online Feedback Feature
Provision to Update software Over The Air (OTA)
Provision for Chapterwise Summary
Provision for Font Size Adjustment Feature
Provision for Product Help and FAQ Feature
Provision for Youtube Integration as a Learning Aid
Provision for certificates to be issued to students upon completion of a course
Ability to support definition of content categorization and classification models - including industry standard models as well proprietary models
Ability to support definition of roles and role hierarchy uniquely across multiple divisions, sub divisions and departments
Ability to support association of users to roles
Ability to support definition of Learning Paths for different roles and automatically associate them to users
Ability to support definition of multiple learning programs aggregating multiple courses and associate them to roles either as mandatory and optional
Ability to define conditions and criteria to support role progression as part of career paths.,20.Ability to bundle diffrent courses as a package that can be offered to students